She was illusion
A magic spell
A mirage 

They craved for her 
To feel
To touch 
To believe 

Hidden colors
Unspoken words
Unseen stories 
Masked expressions

She was allure 
And fascination

They trapped her
They fought for her
In snatch and seize
They tore her

Some secrets
In her smashed heart
Some scars 
On her shattered soul

Not love letter
But hate note
Not favorite book
But pale old diary

Not melody 
But mourn song
Not talisman
But rotten luck 

They looked into her
For the gleam and spark
But who’ll tell them?
“Realities are meant to be dark”


نہ عشق زباں کی باتوں میں 
نہ عشق ہے انکی آنکھوں میں 
نہ عشق کسی کے دل میں ہے 
نہ عشق ہے انکی سانسوں میں

یہ ساری دنیا کہتی ہے
یہ عشق بھلا کیا ہوتا ہے؟
اور عشق کہاں پر ملتا ہے؟ 


صرف عشق کی بات لبوں پر ہے
اور اندر سے سب خالی ہے

پر میں نے عشق کو پایا ہے 

سوکھی ان پھول کی پتیوں میں
جوسالوں سال کتابوں کے
صفحوں میں رکھی جاتی ہیں
جو خشک زمین کو تر کردیں
بارش کی ان چند بوندوں میں

سورج کے ڈوبتے رنگوں میں
اور ٹھنڈی سرد ہواؤں میں
ان رنگیں پگھلے لمحوں میں
جو روح کو دیں تسکین بہت
ان چپ سنہری شاموں میں

ہاں عشق کو میں نے پایا ہے 

ساحل کی اس خاموشی میں
جو ڈھلتے دن کے پچھلے پہر
طوفاں کی مانند شور کرے
جلتے خوابوں پر مرہم سی
اس چاند سے اگتی ٹھنڈک میں

قرآں پہ گرے اس آنسو میں
 اس لمبے سے  اک سجدے میں
اور عشق خدا میں ملتا ہے   
جو آدھی رات میں اس سے ہوں
ان رو کر کی گئی باتوں میں

ہاں عشق کو میں نے پایا ہے 

آنکھوں کے پھیلے کاجل میں
جو بنا چاند کی رات کی مانند
جادو سا کر دیتا ہے
اور دل بوجھل جو کر جائیں
ان تھکی تھکی سی نظروں میں

زخموں سے اٹھتی ٹیسوں میں
جو تلخ سی گزری یادوں کو
پھر سے تازہ کردیتی ہیں
جو یاد کرا دے سارے غم
اس دکھ میں اور تنہائی میں

ہاں عشق کو میں نے پایا ہے 

خواہش میں اور محرومی میں
اور تار تار اس روح میں بھی
جو بار بار آزمائی گئی
جو زندہ ہو پر سانس نہ لے  
اس جسم کے بکھرے ٹکڑوں میں

اس بدصورت سے چہرے میں
جو داغ دار سا لگتا ہے
نہ جس پر کوئی نظر کرے
ہے عشق چھپا اس تن میں بھی
دل جسکا صاف کھرا سا ہے

ہاں عشق کو میں نے پایا ہے 

A glimpse of something coming.

As she stepped out of the car,
she uttered.
A huge crowd was heading towards the concert area, and she joined in. Something was different in her. She felt that she was being dragged back into the time when she used to be the center of attention at such events. Music was getting louder with each step of hers. She came there after 3 years. It was much like a dream. As if she was born again. People were staring at her, quite obvious it was, but she was carefree. “I am here just for my friends”, she thought and confidently moved ahead when suddenly someone yanked the veil off her face. Something shattered. Her confidence perhaps. She couldn’t see anything with her blurry eyes. All she could hear were the roars of laughter mixed with the loud rock music. With pounding heart and trembling hands she made an effort to adjust her black silk scarf but it fell off her head. Everyone around could see her long and shiny golden brown hair. Bare-headed, after years, she was the center of attention once again.

Buon pomeriggio! :)

Buon pomeriggio!
The waiter came to her with a smile.
“Un cappuccino per favore”, she orderd. “Due cappuccini, per favore”, he added.
A voice too familiar, too accustomed. She turned back. Her heart sank into her shoes as she saw him in black tuxedo shirt, standing right behind her. He looked more handsome than ever.
“May I have a seat?”
“Oh, sure.” She could hardly smile.
The waiter looked at her, she nodded approvingly.
“So, how are you my lady?”
She didn’t respond, because she wasn’t listening. That voice dragged her 6 years back in the past.
“Umm.. Hey? You don’t seem happy to see me.” He looked a bit embarrassed.
“I’m..I’m sorry, I..I..was just..umm..I was just not expecting you here, it’s been years and..” He interrupted,
“Relax, I know you weren’t ready to see me here like this. It isn’t a coincidence, I’ve been chasing you for a long time.” She had an unbelieving look at her face. “Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but..”
The waiter brought the coffee, “Gustare il vostro caffè”
He wanted to continue but she took the turn, “Excuse me, i’ll be back in just a minute”, she left the chair. He was staring at her coffee with tired eyes.

“So my beautiful lady”, she smiled. He bent on one knee and held her hand, she giggled. “I wanna grow old with you, will you..” Before he could complete she bent down and kissed his forehead. He stood up, with watery eyes, as if he was blessed with every single blessing of the world. She came closer to him and held him tight with her hands around his waist. He ran a finger in her silky brown hair and said, “Don’t ever leave me my love, ever.”

A sound brought him to senses. She sat on the chair and held her cup of coffee. The first sip and he closed his eyes. She wasn’t looking at him. Another sip, a tear popped out of his eye. “Don’t ever leave me my love, ever”, he muttered. She looked at him with pale face. He moved ahead and kissed her forehead, exactly the way she kissed him six years back. She couldn’t utter anything. Her heart stopped beating, her eyes stopped blinking. He burst into tears. “I’m sorry.” He closed her eyes, stood up and left the coffee shop. As soon as he reached the door, he turned back and looked at her colorless body. “BANG”, the gun dropped on the doorstep, and so did his body.


…Sitting in the corner of a dark room, she was still breathing. Breathing slowly. Thinking about how will she gather her scattered pieces? She closed her eyes. A warm tear drop came down burning her wet red cheek. The door opened, but her eyes didn’t. He came inside with a winning smile on his face. The tears popped out one after another. The blues on her body were turning purple. The pain was increasing with every passing minute. She opened her red eyes and looked at his face with hatred. The smile was still there, the lust was still there. He grasped her tight. Her heart was supposed to pound but it wasn’t. It wasn’t even beating normally. He stabbed the knife in her heart. Splash! Her blood covered his smiling lips. He pulled the knife out and came closer to her. She was gone, from his life, from this world. He kissed her forehead and whispered, ” Delicate things are made to be broken.”

At death’s door

To break the chains
To feel the rains
I want to run, I want to flee

Wearing dull gold shirt
And my favorite skirt
In the backyard, with a mug of tea

On the symphonies of love
Sings a pure white dove
I want to dance, like a happy bee

But tied in ropes
And broken hopes
I’m falling like leaves, of a dried dull tree

In an old torn dress
Weak body and hair mess
With colorless lips and the eyes quite wee

Like haunted melodies
And rotten blue cheese
This stinking soul, it is not me

They’re calling me there
To breathe in air
The cage is open, but i am not free