Where you belong

*dibble dop dibble dop*

A drop at her muddy cheek.
The rain almost stopped but the wretchedness was still there in the air. She tried breathing but something heavy on her chest wasn’t letting her. The silver sky was fading now. She tried staring at it but her eyelids were heavier than her heart. She closed her eyes and wheezed. Her numb arm slipped through her thigh and was as on the grass now, sinking in water like an old abandoned boat; boat that has lost its worth.
A tear dropped off the corner of her eye, making its way through the mud on her face into her ear. All senses stopped as if they didn’t know what to do next. As if they never knew how to work. Everything stopped.

*dibble dop dibble dop*

A drop at her muddy cheek.
The rain started again. She opened her eyes and looked around. Lying outside a graveyard, she took a deep breath. The air was thickened with grief; more suffocating than before. She got up, and this time she wasn’t heavy at all. She was lighter than a candy floss.

Heading towards the gate she heard someone sobbing, but she saw no one there. The sound was probably coming from the other side. As soon as she took some more steps, the sound got louder and clearer. She saw the wet rusty gate half opened and pushed it. Its squeaking sound wasn’t more unpleasant than the continuous sobbing. She entered. It was all dark and gloomy. Even the moon could be heard silently mourning hidden behind black clouds. A few steps ahead she saw a girl. Sitting with her head down and arms wrapped around her legs. She was the one who made the air gloomier. She was the one mourning.

She went towards her and sat down. It was still raining. Heavier than before. She tried running her fingers through her dirty brown tangled hair. The girl stopped crying and looked up at her. She could barely see her face but she sure saw her half burnt side. That girl stood up and walked away. Disappearing in the heavy rain. 

She tried following her but tripped over something. It was too dark to figure out what was that. She sat there; frightened and waiting for the moon to stop hiding. She felt her heartbeat slowing down. It was getting harder to breathe. 

Hours later, the clouds thundered and it stopped raining all at once. The moon wasn’t hidden anymore. She looked up, and now she could see where she was sitting. Amid thousands of people, in the same position; heads down, arms around their legs, mourning silently. 

She stood up and looked around. It was a graveyard. Not for the dead, but for the abandoned and rejected ones. Every group of people had a gravestone reading its flaws.”The burnt ones”, she read on a gravestone behind that same girl as she was moving ahead. She kept moving finding her place. She came across hundreds of gravestones, but not even a single one defined her. She was beautiful. As perfect as one could be. She had crossed every stone, every flaw. It was the end of the graveyard. She didn’t know where to go now, so she sat against the wall and continued the ritual of mourning. A moment later, she felt someone near her but she didn’t stop. Someone placed a gravestone there and disappeared. Later, she looked up, saw the gravestone, and murmured
“The cursed ones”



  1. Shoaib · August 21, 2016

    I don’t really get it cause i guess it’s too deep for someone like me but it sure is something sad.


  2. Atta ul Kibria · August 21, 2016

    It’s so pure.


  3. gulraizsindhu · August 23, 2016

    nice 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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