She was illusion
A magic spell
A mirage 

They craved for her 
To feel
To touch 
To believe 

Hidden colors
Unspoken words
Unseen stories 
Masked expressions

She was allure 
And fascination

They trapped her
They fought for her
In snatch and seize
They tore her

Some secrets
In her smashed heart
Some scars 
On her shattered soul

Not love letter
But hate note
Not favorite book
But pale old diary

Not melody 
But mourn song
Not talisman
But rotten luck 

They looked into her
For the gleam and spark
But who’ll tell them?
“Realities are meant to be dark”



  1. zaintaufique · April 25, 2015

    But she is not dead. And that’s a good enough for me.


  2. LostLass · May 2, 2015

    So that is what Zain is forever talking about, you kill your ladies Fiz tch tch tch 😛


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